[ About Me ]

I'm an IT professional graduated in Computers Sience and nowadays I work as software engineer. I live in Santa Fe, Argentina. In my free time I do kayaking and I water the plants in my garden. If you want to know more about my work see my Portfolio.

[ Skills ]

I love finding simple solutions to complex problems while being agile. I love to get a deep understanding on what I'm doing.
I work with FOSS tools and control version systems (CVS) to speed and consolidate the developement cycle. I apply TDD and BDD techniques in the design and developement process of applications.

[ Experience ]

I begun playing with computers when I was a little boy (10 years old), I wrote mi firsts programs in my friend's computer, a Sinclair CZ Spectrum Since that moment I didn't stop.

[ More Information ]

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[ Contact ]

If you think your company needs outsourcing, don't hesitate to send an email to {ramos} dot {gaston} at {gmail} dot {com}.