About me

Gastón Ramos - Just another person.

I try to get fun in everything I do, including my job. My work involves solving problems and to achive that I use the bit's force. I like to find the best solution using the right tool for a given problem. I also like playing the guitar and take care of my garden. I live in Arroyo Leyes, Santa Fe, Argentina in the house that we build with my family.

 ::: If you want to contact me my email address is ramos.gaston AT gmail.com :::

Free Software

I only use free software on mostly all the things I do because I strongly believe in the movement, I like to contribute to the comunity in several ways, giving talks, with bits , and with groups. Some tools that I use in my daily basis is are: Emacs, Screen, Git, Fluxbox and GNU/Linux Debian.